Some of the First Minister’s best constituents are Muslim

May 29, 2014 — 2 Comments

It appears that we were wrong.  We misunderstood what Peter Robinson said about Islam. He respects Muslims.  In fact, some of his best constituents are Muslim.


He doesn’t just trust them to go to the shops or give him change – If he were ill in hospital he’d also trust them to make him better.  How gallant.


If anyone took offence at the misinterpretation and misrepresentation of his lengthy unedited interview then he’s sorry they’re mistaken.


If you’re a bit confused by all of this, have a listen to what he told John Manley and then what he told Mark Devenport. You might come to the conclusion that you have been seriously deluding yourself all along.  Or, you might think that this is a feeble damage-limitation exercise that doesn’t bear scrutiny.


Meantime, the affair has convinced ethnic Chinese MLA Anna Lo that it’s time to give up on politics in Northern Ireland.


A number of people have suggested that Anna Lo’s decision has more to do with her election results than the climate of fear surrounding ethnic minorities in Northern Ireland.  They may be right.


No doubt about it, many more people support Peter Robinson than Anna Lo.  And don’t think for a second that his views on Islam are a fringe belief – not in Northern Ireland.


While we’re at it, it might be instructive to hear the First Minister tell us his views on Catholicism and Judaism.  Hell, let’s also get the low down on what he thinks about secularism and atheism.  But then again, we’re probably depressed enough already.



2 responses to Some of the First Minister’s best constituents are Muslim


    Correct. We are depressed enough already. Is it catering to the lowest common denominator, or are politicians in this country 100% genuine about all the comments they make? I’m not sure if it is better that they are completely bonkers or just plain old dishonest..


    So now he is only defending the bilious Pastor’s right to free speech. Yesterday he was endorsing what he said.

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